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Certified Destruction

Paper Shredding  |   Product Destruction  |   Unsellable Branded Products 

Team Green provides your business with certified destruction services including document shredding & product destruction. Offering Northeast PA the most secure means of document shredding and product destruction, Team Green provides a Certificate of Destruction with each pick-up. Tight surveillance is maintained at all times during our destruction and shredding processes and we also welcome members of your business on-site to inspect during our thorough destruction procedure. 

Helping you meet compliance requirements for destruction of personal & confidential information before problems occur, Team Green guarantees economical, convenient & reliable shredding of paper documents and destruction of returned or unsellable branded products.

Locked Security Containers are available to store confidential information before it’s completely destroyed. 

Meeting the requirements of HIPAA and FAACTA 

Document Shredding: Scheduled or As-Needed

Papers & Products commonly destroyed include:
• Tax Records
• Applications & Resumes
• Payroll Records
• Medical Information
• Contracts
• Bids & Quotes
• Blue Prints
• Confidential Memos
• Credit Card Information
• Credit Cards
• Bills
• Computer Tapes
• Microfiches
• Media
• C.D.’s
• Hard Drives
• Production Over-runs
• Irregulars
• Uniforms
• Out-dated Catalogue Items
• Recalls

Document Shredding Services are commonly used by:
• Doctors Offices
• Health Care Facilities
• Lawyers & Law Firms
• Accountants & Tax Firms
• Government Agencies
• Banks
• Mortgage Companies
• Credit Unions
• Employers
• Manufacturing Firms
• Recruitment Agencies
• Human Resources
• High Tech
• Automobile Dealers
• Research & Development
• Contractors
• Landlords
• Real Estate Agencies
• Schools
• Colleges
• Non-Profit Organizations

Many businesses, industries, and organizations benefit from using document shredding services.

If you have a question regarding TEAM GREEN'S document shredding and production destruction services, please contact us either through our quick and convenient CONTACT link or by calling 570-336-7330. TEAM GREEN looks forward to helping you. 

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