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Frequently Asked Questions

How will waste stream analysis affect my business? 
Team Green’s Waste Stream Analysis will have a positive impact on your company. By streamlining your waste, you are able to save money on your trash disposal. You may also be able to sell off some of your waste products for a return, Team Green has direct mill contacts from throughout the US who at times pay for items that can be repurposed. The goal of the Waste Stream Analysis is to save your money & maximize your profits through environmentally responsible solutions. Please visit our Online Request Form to learn more.

What if our business isn’t ready to get into a full blown recycling program?
Team Green allows you to choose how involved you want to be in the recycling process. You can start out slow and as your company grows, Team Green will work with you to grow your recycling plan.

Will my recycling plan be exactly the same as the one used at another facility?
Team Green utilizes the Waste Stream Analysis Plan to determine what the right solution is for your individual business. Your solution may be very different from that of another business. Team Green works with you and your employees to determine the right plan of action for your company.

Why can’t I place electronics out with my regular garbage pick-up even though the item may be small enough to fit in the garbage bag? 
Large amounts of heavy metals are found in electronic equipment. These heavy metal potentially proposes a negative impact on our environment and should never be placed in with your regular garbage pick-up. 

Is TEAM GREEN covered by general liability and environmental liability insurance?
Yes, Team Green Recycling is fully insured.

What items are allowed in the Roll-Off Containers?
Most larger items, furniture, construction waste, metals, woods, plastics, roofing material, stumps, clean out debris, demolition debris, construction debris, and much more. If you have a question about certain items, please give Team Green a call 570-336-7330. 
There are some items that we CAN NOT accept due to EPA guidelines.

The items we CAN NOT accept include:
• Medical Waste
• Biohazardous Materials
• Paint (dried up paint cans are permissible)
• Propane Tanks
• Equipment Containing Gas or Oil
• Batteries
• Freon
• Chemicals
• Solvents
• Dirt
• Anti-Freeze
• Petroleum
• Motor Oil
• Transmission Oil
• Herbicides & Pesticides
• Aerosol Cans
• Flammable Liquid
• Poisons
• Animal Carcasses
• Radio Active Material
• Paint Thinner
• Varnish

** Restricted Items will be rejected**

If you have any of these items for disposal please contact us and we will gladly lead you to the right agency for help.

How do I dispose of paint?
Paint products should be dried & hardened. They may also be mixed with absorbent materials such as kitty litter or shredded paper. Be sure to secure lids tightly & place in a closed garbage bag. Paint poses a threat to the environment and needs to be handled carefully. 

How long can I keep the container?
Let us know what kind of project you are working on and what your needs are, together we can determine how long you can need the container. There are facilities that have permanent containers on their premises for on-going use. 

How often will the container be emptied?
Team Green offers various options based on your particular needs. Again, this something that we can only determine by accessing you needs. There are certain industries that need daily dumping and other that need monthly.

How much can I load in my container?
Please do not load any materials above the top rails of your container. When the container is picked-up from your location our driver will put a tarp over the load for containment during transport. Keep the load as flat and distribute the weight as evenly as possible.

Can I put the container on the street?
You will find the answer to this at your local level. Each municipality has their own set of regulations & permit requirements concerning dumpsters placed on private property, streets, or any public right of way. You are responsible for obtaining permits from your municipalities and asking about their regulations.

Do I need a permit for my container?
That question can only be answered by your municipality. Please get in touch with your proper agency before delivery to determine what is required. 

What happens if I fill my container before our scheduled Pick-Up?
You are more than welcome to call 570-336-7330 and request an early pick up. When making your request, simply let us know if you would like the container to be replaced or if you are finished with your scheduled project. Thank you.

How do I start my trash pick-up service with Team Green?
Simply, give Team Green a call 570-336-7330 or visit our online request page and we will begin the process.

What if I need extra garbage pick-up?
Please contact us 570-336-7330, and we’ll make arrangements for scheduled pick-up.

Where is Team Green’s Home Office?
Team Green’s Offices are located inside the same building as their Columbia County based recycling facility in Berwick, PA. By choosing Team Green for your curbside garbage pick-up & trash hauling, YOU are helping to create and sustain jobs in Northeast PA. More of the dollars you spend on waste services will be spent in your own home area helping to sustain even more jobs in the area. Thank you for choosing our independently owned trash service.

Is Team Green’s trash hauling service a new start up service?
Yes and No. While curb-side garbage pick-up/trash services are new to Team Green Recycling menu of waste management services, Team Green has taken over an existing local company whose owners have retired. By doing so, we were able to keep this trash hauling service, locally owned, and retain the good employees of the already existing company. Following the guidelines already set forth by a well established company, we were able to continue services with existing customers without a hitch. Team Green promises to provide professional, courteous, friendly, dependable trash pick-up to those clients, while learn where to improve and grow.

What are my payment options?
Check or money orders are accepted through the mail or in person at our offices in Berwick, PA where we will also except cash, credit, and debit cards.

What is your policy concerning bad weather?
Team Green reserves the right to suspend service on any day that is considered unsafe for driving conditions. At which time our holiday schedule will apply. No adjustments will be made to bills for missed pick-ups due to weather related issues.

Who should I contact if I am interested in renting a roll-off container or getting commercial/industrial services?
Please call the Team Green Office at 570-336-7330 or use our online request form to obtain more information. Thank you for your interest in Team Green Recycling & Waste Services.

Will my business have to deal with multiple recycling vendors?
No, Team Green Recycling has already done tons of research, we have the contacts, and relationships to establish an all-inclusive recycling plan.

If your offices are located in Berwick, PA, how can I use your services if I am in another state?
Team Green’s relationships with recycling companies including the largest paper and plastic mills throughout the United States as well as our global connections enable us to handle material for our clients in any of the 50 states or around the world. Opening the door for a potentially profitable recycling venture for your company, Team Green is able to customize waste management plans that can improve your bottom line. 

Where should I even begin my company’s recycling plan? 
Let Team Green Recycling offer you a FREE no obligation waste analysis. Together we work with you to determine your recycling objectives and design a program to best suit your company’s needs. You can decide how involved you want that plan to be. Our expertise in paper, plastic, and metal recycling along with e-cycling offers you an all-inclusive consultative service that can most effectively show you the best ways to handle to your waste, while reducing your disposal costs and maximize the value of your recyclable materials.

You offer Certified Destruction. How can our company be sure our documents or products are being handled properly without being compromised?
Team Green recycling offers secure containers for collecting and transporting these materials. You are also welcome to send a representative of your company to watch as we destroy your confidential items. References are also available upon request. 

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